Never Forgotten

Good evening, JFM followers! I hope you are happy, healthy and recovered from this weekend. My family and I went down to San Antonio this weekend to visit a dear friend of ours and her family. There is nothing like being able to reconnect with friends┬áto totally rejuvenate the soul, don’t you think?

Several years ago, we were all stationed in Germany together, and just came to love this family as if they were our own. In 2006, my friend’s husband was killed in Iraq, and her world was completely turned upside down and inside out. From then until now, I have watched this amazing woman fight through the darkness of grief, and work her way back into the light. I am forever in awe of her strength and resilience in the face of all she has had to deal with.

I just want to take this moment to honor and pay respect to all the men and women who have lost loved ones fighting for our country. We don’t always think about the daily struggles these families go through after the last bugle call. My heart goes out to everyone who has ever lost a loved one in war. Just as your significant other will never be forgotten, neither will you. The military community is a family, and you will always be in our hearts and our minds.

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