Illegal Music/Movie Downloading…but is it a big deal?

An interesting comment received in an e-mail from a JFM fan…JFM would like to hear your thoughts on this?

“For the last ten years I have downloaded music, movies and files from the online world, with the aid of the peer-to-peer programs and from databases I run across from time to time.  The biggest collection I have actually came from databases of music and movies on government computers at deployed locations.  They have 100’s of files on shared networks at every deployed location I have been to.  While I was stationed in Korea I would visit the stores right outside the gate and buy pirated movies almost every week.  I don’t think in my career I have met a G.I. who does not have pirated music and/or movies.  It is an epidemic in the military.  It happens in the enlisted side and the officer side.  Obviously the military knows it is going on and they do nothing about it so, I feel it is fine as well.  While you are deployed those movies and music help you get through the days.  With the millions of dollars those musicians and actors are making, my time in the desert and remotes to Korea I call it a little perk.  While some may not agree with my thoughts on the matter or even the fact that I am doing it, I would bet money 98% of the people who say it is wrong have done it or own a pirated movie or some music.  I love my movie collection! ”

JFM would like to hear from you.  What do you think and would you/have you downloaded movies or music?

One thought on “Illegal Music/Movie Downloading…but is it a big deal?

  1. Am I being tricked here? Is this like a special edition on how to catch a Internet Pirate? Haha. Only joking. Well, my husband has a huge collection of movies/music he’s downloaded. I used to download a lot, too, but got a notice from my Internet provider and have since been too afraid to try it again.

    Just a side note… Everyone I know has downloaded some type of torrent. My husband and I even taught my 65 year old Navy Veteran Grandpa how to download movies.

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