Just Do It

Today I was asked for a compilation of all my volunteer work I’ve done throughout the year. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I really dedicated 2011 to ‘ME’. Now hold on to your flapping jaws … Continue reading

2012? What?

It’s 2012. Holy cow, it’s really 2012!! The years seem to be rushing by the older I get. So, how was your New Year’s? Did you spend it with friends and/or family? Did you party the night away or quietly … Continue reading

The VA Volunteers

  This is an amazing article I just had to share. It’s about some VA hospitals that literally give their all to each veteran, from beginning to end. Volunteers sit with veterans who, for whatever reason, don’t have family and … Continue reading

War is Hell

I am the wife. I have never deployed to a combat zone. I have never physically experienced the hells of war. I have, however, experienced the inner demons that have returned from combat. I am one of many who wake … Continue reading


I want you to take a moment and type the phrase ‘Definition of Strong’ into your google searchbar. Amongst other definitions, these are what you will find: Strong:   Possessing skills and qualities that create a likelihood of success  Powerfully … Continue reading