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Well, I’m proud to announce I am now one of the statistics, and officially have a home-based business. I have a lot of military spouse friends who have these types of businesses (Scentsy, Pure Romance, etc…) and it makes me wonder: what are the numbers of military spouses vs. civilians who run businesses such as these in each region? I chose to go this route mainly because, after job-searching for the past 12 months, I have been unable to find employment that fits my particular needs (deployment, childcare, late nights, weekends, etc…).

What are your opinions on home-based businesses? Do you have one yourself? Do you believe they’re a good investment and industry¬†for the world we live in? Also, moving from place to place means having to make new friends and contacts along the way. How do you maintain a successful business despite the move(s)?

I’d love to hear your feedback, advice, stories and more! Let me know what you think. I’m sure countless other spouses are thinking of joining the workforce from home, and would love your input and experiences! :)

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  1. I started my Home based business in Aug 2009 when my husband was on his fifth deployment. I am now a Team Manager and getting a substantial income from it.

    I am SO glad I picked this Home based business because when we moved from Alaska to Florida it was very difficult to find a job (we live in Southern Fl where most jobs require that you speak Spanish, and I don’t) It was difficult at first when we moved to gain new customers when we moves and maintain that connection with my previous customers, but now 3 months later I think I have reached more people than I ever could have hoped to.

    My company has now just opened up the opportunity for other military spouses overseas to sign up with us! That make me thrilled for all the spouses overseas…

    If I could give anyone advice is that you get what you put in. If you are positive about your business you will get 110% return!!

    • Thanks so much for the input! I know a lot of people see a lot of opportunity to grow in a home-based business, but can also be wary of what to expect.


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