Stop the nonsense of the Colorado shooting.

This Colorado shooting is getting a little out of hand. Everyone preaches if someone in that theatre had a gun, this would’ve never happened. Take it from a vet who was on the other side of a fully automatic weapon, the world isn’t Call of Duty, where you can stand have all the time and just point the barrel where you want the bullet to go and pull the trigger, and your foe will fall over dead.

First of all, the shooting took place in a crowded dark theatre, and with nobody expecting this to happen likely wouldn’t have brought their weapon with them, but if they did…they would’ve been very close to the shooter. Most concealable handguns have an effective range of 15 yards and if you have any idea how close you are to that when you have to look down into the barrel of a pistol in order to get an accurate shot, I severely doubt you would have what it would take to fire that perfect round on a target wearing armor and in a dark environment, and likely you would’ve blindly fired in a random direction and plugged holes in the walls, or shot an innocent civilian. YOU ARE NOT A SNIPER! It doesn’t matter how accurate you are when you are shooting at a still target in a safe environment. Try shooting at something that is breathing and shooting back when you can’t fully see him while your adrenaline is pumping through your veins.

And if by some miracle you were at the right range, you had that perfect shot, while not getting shot yourself, and you fired back you are likely not going to penetrate armor on an individual who came knowing all too well he was going to get in a shoot out with the police that have assault rifles, you little .22 pistol isn’t going to do much. And I say .22 because you aren’t going to bring a .45 or a desert eagle inside a movie theatre, you would’ve likely left it in your car for protection against a car theft. And by some miracle in the 30 seconds this likely occurred, I doubt while the rounds are flying over your head and you are seeking cover you were able to remove your weapon, locate your target, and return fire while hundreds of people are fleeing for their lives and the area is filled up by that smoke grenade he tossed into the room.

And third of all, Gun restrictions wouldn’t have done anything in this particular situation except cause more collateral damage and casualties. Lets say out of the 100 or so people in the room that night about 3 people had brought in a weapon able enough to fire accurately, Now everyone running for their lives aren’t running from one point, they are forced to hunker down on the ground and risk getting sprayed by the gunman’s machine gun while there are now more than one gunman shooting in all directions.
Stop thinking you are all supermen and women, able to fire a deadly shot from anywhere in a darkened theatre, with a smoke grenade filling the room (which is exactly why he threw it, just in case somebody in the theatre was armed).

Grow up, this wasn’t Obama’s “restrictions” on guns, (because he never signed anything or pushed to have weapons taken or restricted from the American public…and you can check out this info on Politifact. And the only thing that he can be blamed for taking the guns away was 20 years ago he wanted a stricter gun control policy while he was still a senator, but nothing came of it. And a few years ago, he raised the taxes on bullets…no where is he taking guns away, stop watching FOX news and listening to Rush Limbaugh if you truly believe it.)

And the other thing for liberals who are saying that we need to put a stricter control on guns, that wouldn’t have worked either, you can purchase plenty of assault weapons on the black market if you know where to look, and though he may not have been able to purchase an AK-47 at Cabelas, he could have gotten it if he truly wanted it.
The truth of the matter is this, it was a tragedy, nothing or no-one is to blame except the individual himself. And the man wasn’t a hillbilly psycho living in the woods, he was attending school for neurology, so he was highly educated.

We need to stop pointing fingers at everyone and anyone who we can think of and give our remorse to those who lost their lives in this tragedy. It was one man, and one man only that caused this. It wasn’t heavy metal music, it wasn’t playing video games, it wasn’t movies, it wasn’t Rush Limbaugh who convinced him to do it because he said Obama launched this movie to make the comparison of Bain Capitol of Mitt Romney and the villain Bane, it wasn’t anything that convinced him to do it, it was himself and himself only.

So can we please act like a civilized nation and give a moment of silence for those that were killed in a senseless act of violence, and if you notice somebody acting strangely report it to the authorities so they can handle it responsibly, so we don’t have a Trevon Martin controversy again.

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