Calling all Gamers!

I am an avid “gamer,” I have played them my whole life. I grew up pressing the 30 life cheat code for Contra, the sneaky cheats in Mario Brothers and to hacking down my opponent with a chainsaw in Gears of War. I love to see how the entertainment world has developed; from a simple press (A), (B), to using a strategy to get the drop on your foes from behind like in Assassins Creed.

We have games that are a whole world for you to explore in such as Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. We have epic story lines that leave you wanting more, and hours and hours of entertainment. We have games that can bring back awful memories of war, Medal of Honor and Battlefield, but then we have games that try to be realistic, but are so unbelievably fictional that its audience begin to believe this is how wars are fought; Call of Duty.

Video games have impacted our lives as much as movies and television, and become a target of groups that find any tragedy and need an outlet to focus their blame on, instead of just realizing that the individual who does these thoughtless acts, was only to blame.

We have six year old kids playing Grand Theft Auto, and joy riding in their parents car, that these particular groups scream “See look at this, you are able to drive around all day on this game, run over hookers, and kill people in the streets! Our children are becoming vulnerable to this type of senselessness!”

My response is this and very simple. If you don’t want your kids to be exposed to this, don’t buy it for them. Games have surpassed the olden days of Pong, and Duck Hunt, there is nudity, violence, gore, and raw language within them, and for an audience like me…I love every second of it. But of course you have your skeptics who see nudity on a video game and immediately think it is inappropriate, because children could see it.

Really?! Do you let your child watch a gory movie that has nudity, such as Starship Troopers, and a wide variety of them today? Probably not, you will watch the movie or read a review on it to determine if it is OK for your child to watch it, so what is different from a video game?

This part is for my younger audience of ages of 5-17, please for the love of God if your parents disapprove of the game, don’t play it. I am sorry that you want you to play that type of game, but it is like watching a horror movie they don’t want you to see. It sucks that you can’t see it, I was young once and I couldn’t watch R rated movies, and I had to wait to see it when I was older, or finally got my parents’ approval. The reason why I say this is when some young kid will do something bad as in acting out a part of a game, the groups who want video games to have a story line of a growing potato want them pulled off the market for everyone. It is a small sacrifice you must suffer, but we all went through it once in our lives. Be respectful of your parents’ wishes.

This part goes out to the same age group as well, but for PVP (player vs. player). Quit messaging me for me to pay you for me to find out a cheat code! Second be quiet while the game is playing! I am not saying be absolutely silent, shout out enemy locations, but for the love of GOD, stop singing! Stop talking to your mom or friend about your day, and stop your cussing, you are not a bad ass! And when you start shouting cusswords my Drill Instructor is shouting because some guy stole your kill get over it.

This is for the cheaters. Stop your childish act, play the game. If you want to cheat playing single player or a private match with your friends go for it, but stop doing it on a public and especially a ranked match!  Let us work together to keep the PVP world clean and fun for all players.

And this last plea goes out to all single male players, can we stop hitting on every female gamer like a drunken idiot at a bar? I have played my wife’s character in Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG’s) and I get sick of at least 10 horny guys asking me to give them my Facebook account or an email so we can chat later on. But when I am playing as a guy it is a whole different situation.

I am done ranting about some things that I had to get off my chest, so everyone enjoy a new type of entertainment that is becoming more popular than Hollywood and its C- movies they have been throwing out. 

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