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Quickly and easily increase sales by 70% without spending a penny!

Just For Military is a great referral and advertising system for your business. For the American Military community it is the most exciting online website business review directory and social networking site on the web. Itís not only a place for them to find your business but they can also leave a review for other members to view and comment on.

Why is this important to you? Itís a fact, over 70% of new business comes from customer referrals. It is the most powerful form of advertising. Why? Because Military people value the opinions of other Military people over strangers in more than any business advertisement.

How much does it cost to list my business on Just For Military?

If you have done any advertising for your business hoping to reach new military customers, you know it can be expensive. It can cost you hundreds or even thousands. There's no advertising on military television or radio stations. Advertising in the base/post newspapers is limited, expensive and can break your marketing budget and other alternatives want you to spend your money before they show you any results.

We are different. We are completely FREE to use!

It costs absolutely nothing to sign up for an account on Just For Military and add your business details to the site. In fact, weíll even upload photos of your businessÖcompletely free of charge.

No, this isnít some slick sales trick and we will never charge you for listing your business details and photo on our site. However, we do hope that in the future you will want to upgrade to a banner advertising on the siteÖbut you are never under any obligation to do so.

How do I get my business listed on your site?

Itís fast and easy to sign up. Simply fill out the form below and our sales staff will review your business details and then add you to the site once you have been approved. Itís that easy! If you have any questions about joining our site, please email

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