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50% military discount for active duty, VETERANS, National Guard Reservists, Federal law Enforcement Officers, Federal Fire and Emergency Response, U.S. Coast Guard, and first responders!
In 1979, Dennis Burns, founder of Gargoyles, revolutionized an entire industry with the invention of Toric lens technology. Dennis noticed that flat sunglasses left the eyes more exposed to the elements, and that curved lenses of the time were causing visual distortion and stress on the eyes. His state-of-the-art innovation became the basis of a brand: Gargoyles Performance Eyewear. The lens technology was so good in fact, it was used by the U.S. Army for ballistic protection.

Now, nearly 35 years later, Gargoyles continues its trajectory of innovation with sunglasses that not only meet strict ballistic specifications, but exceed them. All ANSI Z87.1+, Protection +, and Tactical + sunglass equipment also offer the best in pinpoint optics and polarization. Using additional ANSI standards, Gargoyles is able to achieve extremely high visual clarity and resolution, all while providing a true, undistorted view.

By combining the legacy of yesterday with the technology of today, Gargoyles sunglasses are the equipment of choice for the battlefield, the playing field, and everywhere in between.
Military Discount: Yes Ships APO/FPO: Don't Know
Military Veteran Owned: Don't Know Parking:
Accepts Credit/Debit Cards: Yes Delivery: Yes
Kid Friendly: N/A
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