Where did September go?

Goodness, I just noticed I missed the entire month of September.  Where exactly did it go?  I even went back to check what I had posted and noticed that I had 2 posts just sitting in the bank, that I never sent through.  I’m sorry… so here is a small breakdown of what I missed telling you about.

My husband hit 21 years in the USAF!  I am so proud of him and all that he has done for our family.  The opportunities that have been supplied to us while he has been serving this great country are pretty much limitless, so I’m very thankful!

My husband and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary and 20 years as a couple!  Not many people can say that anymore, so I am very proud that we have stuck through a LOT of thick and thin times!

The “adopted grandparents” came and watched the kids so that we could go to see… JABBAWOCKEEZ…. fantastic show!  This was the first time that we had went to see them.  (We don’t get out much!)  I bought the tickets as a gift for our anniversary.  They don’t offer a MILITARY DISCOUNT, but they do offer a resident discount.  So if you are living here in Las Vegas, you can just take in a piece of mail when you get your tickets that shows your address locally and you will get this discount!  It’s pretty good!!  The show was amazing and had some really funny areas, perfect for pretty much all ages I think!  When we first got there we were a little alarmed because the show is in a pavilion…. when you see it… it is a big tent.. No worries though, the show is worth the dimes that you pay!!

Sean had his big 40 birthday.  We didn’t do anything extra special… I feel bad…

Who can forget about the Case Lot Sales?  Did you go?  We went of course, you should know by now that I won’t miss that.  This was actually one of the posts that I wrote, that I had forgot to hit “POST” on.  Nellis AFB had a great sale.  I will have to admit that maybe I went a bit overboard on drinks, this time.  However Jaden really likes to have water for school and Gatorade, so who can go wrong?  I’ve heard that a lot of people from a lot of different bases don’t like going because the lines are too long?  Is that the case for you?

School… Shyla is absolutely LOVING  school… She wakes up at 6 AM everyday, all ready and raring to go! She gets on the bus a bit after that, and then its time to get Jaden up!  He is loving his teacher, and I think we got off to the right start there!  His grades are soooooo much better this year.  He is still pulling off all A’s except for 1 class, and he is almost back up to a C for that one… yes you read that right… almost up to a C!  I am proud of all his hard work and efforts this year, he is coming along on a much stronger note than last year!

The baby.. is almost out of the system that she is in…. and was tested by Early Childhood Intervention.  Not sure how that is going to turn out, but… either way it will be for the best!

So…. with all that…. that was my September…. I can’t believe it is gone already.

Did you make it to the Case Lot Sale?  What kind of great deals did you get?  Are there any special date nights that you went on, that you want to share? 



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