Where are you from?

In my last post I mentioned that my husband was a military brat and has friends and family everywhere. I was never a military savvy person before I met my husband…I guess what you would call that typical mere civilian. I recently came across this this article that someone posted on FB.


So……After reading this, I found it hard to conceive to not ask the question where are you from? My personal opinion is it is a perfectly fine question to ask. What this article did do was give me insight on what I need to prepare my son for in the future. What does being “from” somewhere mean to us? So now I will make sure after reading this, to help my son understand what being “from” somewhere means and where he is from. When I met my future husband I asked this same question…. he answered everywhere. This intrigued me to ask more questions and of course led to a lot of great conversation. I know this article is about children and I’m am grateful to be more “In the know” about how a lot of military children feel, but I think this just means we should prepare them more because this question will always be asked.

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