What we are missing…

While I would never trade the life I have for any other, there are days when I hate being so far from my friends and family. I hate that my friends are scattered across the world. This feeling usually occurs when something major is happening and I’m missing it. There have been more than a couple of these situations in the last year. The most poignant is the death of my best friend about 6 months ago. I wanted nothing more in this world, at that time, then to be there for his memorial service and his family. His memorial service was in New Mexico though and my son was less than a week old making travel impossible. Lately there have been events on a smaller scale that I’ve had to miss; showers, birthdays, medical things, personal issues. They were all times when I wanted to be there. I wanted to hold someone’s hand while they cried or celebrate an exciting occasion but I couldn’t. It is one of the sacrifices we make to serve, and we do serve. We sacrifice those moments but at the same time we are making our own with new friends and our other “family”. We are going trick-or-treating with another wonderful family that we met on our journey. We are having Thanksgiving dinner with people who will turn out to be some of the best friends we will ever have. We are trading babysitting with some amazing moms and learning to play Bunco with a group of crazy ladies. So while we may be missing something important somewhere else, I try to remember that there are also important things going on here. This is what I try to remind myself when I’m feeling like there is little help that I can offer my friends and family that are across the country (or globe). Obsessing about what I’m missing there can make us miss an awful lot here too.

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  1. deccccorative24,
    I’m a little confused by your comment since my post had really nothing to do with the government, just my feelings toward missing my family and friends. Care to expound a little for me?

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