The “Giant” Voice

I was first introduced to base life at McGuire AFB, and I quickly learned of this “Giant” voice. Once the speakers were fixed near our housing area I would hear Reveille at 0700, at 1700 the National Anthem, and lastly Taps played at 2200.
I wear glasses and can’t see very well without them so when I would hear my 0700 wakeup call it would be nice to know that the baby let me sleep in. By 1700, I was excited because (once he returned from Afghanistan)I knew the husband would be soon returning. Finally at 2200, I would fall into bed awaiting to be summoned by my nightly baby wakeups, but wishing for it to be those beautiful trumpets.
Anyways, When Hurricane Irene came through the voice let us know when danger was near. Like letting us know how far the storm was away. It let us know when an EXERCISE! EXERCISE! EXERCISE! Was commencing so we knew not to come near the base unless we wanted to get stuck somewhere. Well you should know what I’m talking about.
So like I said in my first post we just arrived at Minot AFB at the end of November. About a week ago I was so peacefully asleep dreaming about ….well who knows, but if I was dreaming that means the baby was asleep long enough to let me. Then I was awakened at 0330 with FPCON DELTA and sirens blasting well that’s all I heard. My unawake brain went through the thought process…..I only know we are normally FPCON Alpha….husband said he was always in Delta when deployed……OMG WERE GONNA DIE!!!!!!! Crazily shaking my husband and now trying to tell him what I heard..he calmly replies we’re fine honey go back to sleep. No I demanded and said don’t you care??? He said if we’re are in Delta I want to die with you… then about a minute later I hear EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE!!!!! He said see…Now go back to bed. I think those were the longest 3 minutes of my life. Has the “Giant” voice ever done anything to you???

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