I know I haven’t written in awhile, but I think I was going through a “funk.” You know the one where you husband is always at work, you are at home with a baby 24/7, in a practically new place, and the weather is just…..crappy. Ugh….Was feeling down, but I am feeling better now that the hubby is on to 8 hour shifts, which means 10 hours instead of 14. Oh and the best part is that he is not currently on the midnight shift, which means he can sleep in bed with me at the same time.  Also, after 15 month of being a stay at home mom, I will soon be returning to the work force. Minot AFB is about to have privatized housing and I will be working for the new housing company.

This makes me feel happy to get out of the house and around some adults…hehe I love my baby boy to death, but this girl needs some human interaction. I am so nervous about having him in FCC care. Not that anything bad will happen….I’m just nervous I guess because I have been the only one caring for him.

I have also volunteered to be the key spouse for the squadron and now am a board member of the OSC.  I hope I haven’t taken on too much at once, but I am having a great time organizing things for the squadron and trying to get some camaraderie between these SFS spouses.

On another note, a friend of mines boyfriend is returning from Afghanistan today. He was badly injured when an Afghan militant stepped on an IED he has lost a leg and has shrapnel wounds all over his body. This has affected me in a way I will try to describe. I feel so bad thinking about how hard it must be on him and her. Her being here helpless and him going through so much pain and change. All I could say to her is he is ALIVE!!!!!!  Which is so true he is coming home to the USA. My thoughts will be with them and their family.

Then I couldn’t help but think about how my husband was there not too long ago and something like this could have happened. All I could do then was cry. Of course he can go back, so that is so scary to think about.

Then I thought wow how many of spouses here at Minot complain ( including myself) how horrible it is……the weather is horrible, the shifts are brutal, nothing to do, etc, but in reality we are all safe here, and our  spouses are safe here. Unlike at other bases, it is very unlikely that SFS will deploy from here because of where we are. So I am thankful to know, at least for now, I have my family together and safe. To all of the men and women of the armed forces… do so much…..Thank You for ALL you do.

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  1. Stephanie,
    I feel so bad for your friends boyfriend. My heart really does go out to them both. I am so thankful for his service.
    Although I was not in Minot, we were stationed in Grand Forks for a bit over 7 years. It really takes some getting use to the harsh winters, honestly I hated it for about 3 years, till I met the right group of people. We were there over the flood of 97 and I can tell you for sure… Don’t be afraid to step further in to the communtiy. The locals of North Dakota are fantastic. We made it back just a few years ago for a retirement ceremony, and things had changed so much, but the people were still great!

    I am glad to see that you are settling in, and doing better!

    • Why thanks for your response. :) Yes, the people up here are amazing. The community was devastated last year due to flooding and it is in the process of rebuilding. And on the other note…My friends boyfriend is back in the states at an Army hospital. I hear his spirits are good and is just happy to be alive. :) There are so many of theses stories we do not hear about…. I am feeling and doing better now…Thank YOu :)

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