I want you to take a moment and type the phrase ‘Definition of Strong’ into your google searchbar. Amongst other definitions, these are what you will find:


Possessing skills and qualities that create a likelihood of success

 Powerfully affecting the mind, senses or emotions

 (Of a person’s constitution) Not easily affected by…. hardship

 (Of a person’s character) Showing determination, self-control, and good judgment

 (Of a belief or feeling)Intense and firmly held

 (Of a relationship) Lasting and remaining warm despite difficulties


The military is not an easy life to live. It never promised to be, and it never will. When you feel as if you are at the end of your rope and you’ve just had all you can take, remember YOU ARE STRONG! You are all these definitions and so much more. You were handpicked because there was an inner strength found in you, that gave confidence to your loved one that you were not just able to survive, but to thrive in this world! Let that knowledge empower you, take it as far as you can, and be great in your own right. Yes, you are married to a hero, but you are a hero as well.

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