School is in!

School is in!  Probably for most of you, school has already begun!  How was your first day?  Was it everything you thought it would be?

Our first day is not over with.  Today our morning started with taking my 4 y/o to her first day of Pre-K.  She was so excited.  She is not a morning person however she did very good getting up just after 6AM!  She went to school good as can be, then came the thing that I was NOT prepared for… she put up her hand and waved good bye as I leaned in for a hug and kiss.  No, she was not sad in the slightest to leave my side and stay with the new teacher.  I guess I really should just be glad that she didn’t cry?!

Then a run back home to spend 45 minutes before repacking the other 2 back into the car.  My lovely 2nd grader  had to go to his first day too! He is so excited to see his friends again.  However, his school you drive in line till you get to the drop off zone, and there he came… big hug and kiss for his mommy!  I love him so much.  Even though he is a big 7 years old, he still knows he will miss me and wants me to know it!

Today was the first day of school so I wanted to take both the kids.  Shyla has the oppurtunity to ride a bus to her school.  I’m really not excited about it, but she is.  The driver who will return her to me, came by the house the other day to introduce himself.  He was very nice!  He got down on her level and explained how the bus works and all the rules that she will need to follow.  So today when I picked her up from school (even though I explained I was picking her up today) she started crying “but mommy I was going to ride the bus” she was sobbing so much.  I’m not sure which hurt my heart more… the no hugs in the morning or the picking her up, with not wanting me there having the bus being of more importance.

I guess it’s been a bit of a lesson for me.  I knew that every child would be different, I just didn’t think that my 4 y/o was ready to handle life without me…  It’s all good I know, and it’s the first day! 

How was your first day?  I would love to hear how it went!

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