Save Us…Not Him (follow up to being “that” person on the plane)

Ok, I know it has been a while for the follow up on our trip, but traveling seems to get us sick…Cough Cough ….Cough it has been around for 2 weeks now. Well the baby did extremely well on the plane rides ( 4 total for the trip). He slept through takeoff and landing on the 1st flight to Denver and was awake for most of the trip from Denver to Chicago. Luckily it was a HUGE plane. Six seats in the middle and 2 on the end isles. The little man only tried to grab the man next to me about 20 times, lol but he didn’t seem to mind.
Well on the 1st flight I was the most nervous hoping the little man wouldn’t cry during the flight. I so didn’t want to be “that” person. Until……here is my uncomfortable story. My seat was in the last row of this small plane…I get to my seat with baby, diaper bag (small suitcase), and purse in tow on this tiny plane. In the seat next to mine a man had already set up shop. Computer out on the tray, cords on my know “that” guy…lol and when I get there he gives me that look of you are not sitting here are you and asked me where the baby was suppose to sit. Now I wanted to be saved from this man…and no longer felt bad about if my kid cried…in fact I would have loved if he did just to make that man suffer. Luckily for me the flight attendant came back and mentioned people with children are to be closer to the front and we were moved to the 4th row. We were saved, not the other way around!!!!
On the way home he slept on both flights and somehow we were put into business class and I managed to eat breakfast on the plane with a 20lb. sleeping whopper in my lap. Overall not a horrible experience. I just want to say when you travel alone with kids you really become a beast. I clap my hands to the women/men traveling alone with more than 1 child. This was truly an experience. I carried a car seat, pulled a suitcase, had a small luggage bag over the shoulder, had my purse and pushed a baby through an airport all while searching for the rental car place in Chicago. Which meant catching a shuttle bus!!! Ahhhh……. So here I am tipping my hat to all you parents who have survived traveling alone with children

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