Save My Soul, by Kristie Haigwood.

Recently I read a book called “Save My Soul,” my Kristie Drennin Haigwood. The book is classified as a thriller and paranormal. The book is available on e-book available through Amazon, and it is short and sweet, only 130 pages.

The book starts out in an operating room with doctors and nurses frantically trying to keep a young woman alive from a looks to be, fatal accident. As the doctors push to keep her alive, there begins to grow doubt among some of the nurses who believe this is a lost cause and push to have the doctor call the time and send the body off to the morgue. The doctor refuses and finally after a lot of hard work, a pulse bounces across the monitor screen.

This would be interesting by itself, however the author threw in a small twist…the patient was conscious and could hear everything going on. The patient didn’t feel any pain, she felt peace, and wanted to just enjoy that calm peaceful existence, but suddenly a voice spoke to her. Not a voice she recognized as the doctors or nurses, but something different. This voice told her to fight and join the world; she wasn’t mean to leave yet.

I will leave it at that, so that I don’t give off more of the book for those who found this interesting and want to go check it out.  Kristie is not only an author who is starting to make her mark on the literary world, but she has come to be a good and trusted friend.

Sgt. Johnson

Semper Fi.

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