Protests at Military Funerals, outlawed.

Barrack Obama signs into law stating that all military funeral protests, mainly aimed at the Westboro Baptist Church, that all protests have to be held within 301 ft. from the funeral and they can’t be present two hours prior and two hours after the funeral. If somebody does not comply the law they and their cause can be fined up to $50,000

You can hate the man, you can love the man, you can agree with the law or think it infringes on the first Bill of Rights. But as Obama said, “The graves of our veterans are hallowed ground.” But what it comes down to; is respect for the dead, and no religion or group should ever protest at a funeral. It is a time for grieving and morning, and to enjoy the last final moments the family will get to spend with their loved one, and that Rite of passage is above and beyond all constitutional rights.

I firmly agree with the law. Though my insights are not those of Just for Military, but as a veteran who bled and suffered with my fellow brothers and sisters, we are our own religion. And for somebody to protest at our sacred honor to be buried with the utmost respect of the American people, our family, and our fellow military siblings is a lash out of disrespect to not only the individual, the military, but the true stance of what America was built on.

Our great country though founded by great men, was built on the bodies and the blood of greater men who came to the call of duty who sacrificed their very lives for the aspect of a greater life for their country. These men paid the ultimate price for all of our freedoms who hold dear, and they come from all ranges of life. Men, Women, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Black, White, Latino, Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern, Hindu, rich, poor, middle class, it doesn’t matter where they came from or their background. All that matters is they were willing to do something that only %3 of Americans was willing to uphold our countries beliefs.

Pay your respects to the dead, whether veteran or not. I personally believe that a funeral is the ultimate Hallowed Ground. You can be religious, a Pagan, or an Atheist, it doesn’t matter we all die and when we are laid down in that grave, would you want to know that your family were able to peacefully say their goodbyes to you and wish you the best of luck in whatever afterlife you believe in.  Please as a plea for the respect for the dead, see your own humanity and ignore whatever you believe so that family can usher the loved one to another realm we all will go, and what until the family is over their loss before you again push your attack and beliefs on another. 

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