Pick your Adventure-story line part one.

Sun light casts a warm beam of light through the window onto the floor. The radiating heat warms the area, and it is a normal standard weekend afternoon. Except for a few scattered clouds in the sky, there is nothing but a beautiful blue sky over casting the entire horizon.

Flipping through the channels, as you try to find something worth watching, but it is nothing but reruns of the same old shows you have seen at least three times. The news has become so negative and a true lack of journalism that it isn’t even worth watching, and besides, people on Facebook will surely post three hundred things about how the Government is trying to ruin our lives, or how Wall Street is looking for a new way to scam you out of your money.

Finally giving up on television for a while, you just flip off the TV and plug in your stereo and start playing some of your favorite music. The flow of the music is soothing, something other than work, people complaining about their personal lives and the aggravation of dealing with individuals are pressing your final thread on your nerves. For now, this is as close as you can get to bliss.

Rocking your head gently with the beat of song, you begin to hum to yourself and imitate the renowned notes of the song with awkward tones from your mouth, and tapping on your leg with the beat of the drums and the bass.

Outside a lab is having another hissy fit as its barks ring out over the neighborhood. Secretly you want to go over there and muzzle the dog, but it isn’t worth the conflict. Animal control has been called a few times before to warn the owners of the nuisance, but they do nothing. They still leave the dog out on the patio whether it is rain, sun, snow, or ice.

Going back to your music you just try to ignore it, but now you just begin to focus on the barking and the music flowing throughout the room just becomes a numb hum and you lose your spot and begin thinking of ways to shut that damn dog up.

A loud crash against your fence raises your suspicion of what is going on. The neighbors or the kids must be doing something loud and fast. It isn’t like the first time a ball was kicked against the siding of your house.

The barking dog gets louder, and even more obnoxious.  “Why?” you think, “do the kids have to harass the dog. All it does it bark, and bark, and bark.”

Finally fed up with racket you get up and turn up the volume on your stereo and go to the bathroom and shut the door. After finishing you dry your hands after washing them and step out of the door and head back to the living room and the home of the music tone. Walking down the hallway you look out the window and shocking you see a figure looking in your window from behind the blinds. “How rude.” You think, “Why are you looking in my house?”

Walking up to the window you flip open the blinds and are shocked to see a man that lives farther up the road, leaning against the siding of your house and by the window. He doesn’t seem to be looking in the window, but more or less staring at the well and lost in space. It is Saturday and likely he had a little too much to drink at a neighbors’ house and is trying to think why he is lost in his own neighborhood.

You politely tap the window and wave your hand for him to move on. He turns his head and you see a large chunk of flesh missing from his cheek and along his cheek bone. Your eyes widen and you feel the breath jump from your lungs.

“Wow what a great costume,” It is probably someone looking to scare some of the people from the neighborhoods. People have been playing zombie pranks since the grand hype of zombies and especially since the drug Bath Salts seemed to make people eat each other.

You crack a smile, and politely ask him to leave again. But the man now turns aggressive and begins to beat against window trying to break the glass. You run in the kitchen and grab a pan from the cupboard and grab you phone. Quickly you unlock your phone and begin dialing 911. You wait for a second, but nothing, no back tone, no ring, and no operator. You look at your phone and notice it says “Call Failed. No signal available.”

“What a great time for the stupid cell phone company to drop their responsibilities.” You look passed the man and see the street is full of similar people. Some are walking slowly, while some are dragging horribly disfigured limbs and what would be a lethal injury. Scanning the area you see that your fence was knocked down and you begin to hear the beating against the back door. They are coming in from all areas of the house.

CRASH! The window in the living room shattered, and then a second window in the kitchen and dining room is shattered. You hear the house creaking as people begin crawling through the windows. Looking back and forth, you have only seconds to react and only armed with a frying pan.

What is your next course of actions…? 

Comment what would you do and be sure to like and share for your friends.


By Justin Johnson, 

A Forgotten Heroes story line. 


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