PCSing Preparations!

Let me first say. NEVER, EVER expect your move date to be right on! This is the Marine Corps we’re talking about and things change with them on a min by min basis, so guess what so will yours!! lol Our move has moved up by two weeks, so I had to let my job know etc etc. The more prepared you are the smoother your move will go. So I have started and I will continue to take you with us on our move and fill you in as I go! This isn’t my first PCS move, but my first time writing about it. :)

We are doing a TMO [Transportation Management Office] move. I dread these moves only because you are trusting your things in someone or a few others hands! I sell Pampered Chef and have sold it for almost 6 yrs now! I own practically the last 4 catalogs worth of stuff. So it’s worth in the $1000’s!! I started packing it up last night which let me state. YOU can pack your things, but leave the box open for them to look in and categorize! I pretty much have all my original boxes which yes is space consuming, but awesome when you move! .So I numbered my Pampered Chef Boxes and will do so with all the other boxes! I took two Pampered Chef Catalogs and marked each item with which box it is in and then took the other catalog and put the pics of the stuff in with the items. Time consuming, yes, BUT we’re talking about my business and things I have spent money and worked hard to earn free and if you know Pampered Chef, it’s a seller and worth money!!

I myself am also taking things in my car that I can no longer get with Pampered Chef, so that way if my other items get broke, etc, they can be insured and I can get them back! The discontinued items I cannot get back and won’t chance it!

That is what I have done thus far. I ONLY have ONE item that has damage to it and I will put that in my extra book as well!

After the holidays I will begin to pack other things. I pack room by room, so when they bring them in, I can just unpack in the room. Which as I do those things. I will blog and give you my tips. :)

Til then Happy Thanksgiving and please be safe, but have fun!

<3 J

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