Motivational and my personal quotes.

While we are in the military we can’t wait to get out and live normal lives like most Americans. But once we get out, we realize we were the American dream and try to get the world to adapt to our brotherhood and sisterhood. But in a world were people are allowed to voice their opinions without knowing any true facts, it does nothing but divide the country even more. While we were in the military,┬áthere was no racial barrier, because we didn’t care if you were black, oriental, latino, or white. We didn’t care if you were poor or you were rich. We had a very small community, but if somebody had a problem, it became our problem and we helped the individual fix it. Those who disgraced our name and uniform were than exiled. The world quests for the harmonious existence of mankind, but out of the irony or life, it is the only occupation were you are trained in violence and to kill. America doesn’t know what it is to be a true patriotic American, only because we few, we band of brothers and sisters were willing to sacrifice everything so that our friends, family, and fellow Americans can enjoy the luxuries as a citizen of this great country, while we paid the taxes of freedom with our blood.

One man’s sacrifice is the result of another man’s greed.

Pain is temporary, glory is forever.

“The ability to speak, doesn’t make one intelligent.” Qui-Gon-Jinn, Star Wars

Even the smallest person, can have the biggest voice.

Respect and thoughtfulness can be valued higher than the clearest diamond.

Life without love, is a life not worth living at all.

Quote from Forgotten Heroes-Ashes to Ashes, “… if you base your government in a religion that is not supported by everyone in the Empire, and forcefully convert the people to your ways, it will spark a revolution that no government would be able to control.”


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Served in the marines from Oct. 03-Oct 07, got out as a sergeant after being a corporal for over two years. I was deployed to Iraq twice, Fallujah 04-05 and Dulab 06. I am currently married to my wife Jamie, and I have a daughter named Adian. I am a new author who wrote Forgotten Heroes-Tides of War, and am working on Forgotten Heroes-Ashes to Ashes. Friendly going and outgoing. Feel free to message me on or email me at about anything, just no spam.

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