I’m Sorry.

I have been having multiple issues with logging into this site for many months. I reset my password, and login in and it says no. Luckily I am somewhat computer literate and was able to work around and get in…finally. I will start posting more as I get time…


As an update, I have been going to a gym and have been feeling good. My back is no longer giving me as much issues as before. My nerve still hurts, but with the added support of using my stomach over my back, I do not pinch it as much. 


As a message to go out to all those affected by this horrible tragedy in Connecticut. May all those who are saddened and personally affected by this tragic and senseless act, find peace and happiness. But never forget those you love and lost. 


Semper Fi

Sgt. Johnson.

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Served in the marines from Oct. 03-Oct 07, got out as a sergeant after being a corporal for over two years. I was deployed to Iraq twice, Fallujah 04-05 and Dulab 06. I am currently married to my wife Jamie, and I have a daughter named Adian. I am a new author who wrote Forgotten Heroes-Tides of War, and am working on Forgotten Heroes-Ashes to Ashes. Friendly going and outgoing. Feel free to message me on http://www.facebook.com/ForgottenHeroesTidesofWar or email me at forgottenheroestow@hotmail.com about anything, just no spam.

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