I found some money!

A military member and JFM subscriber looking for some advice…

So I was walking my dog and of course she is sniffing everything and as she stops to smell a bush, I noticed a large envelope and a set of keys.  I of course picked them up.  The key ring had about 50 keys on it but no tags or anything.  They looked like house keys or lock keys.  I was about a mile from home so I decided to just take it all home.  Was feeling a bit nervouse standing there looking at the keys and hold the big envelope.

I get home and sit at the kitchen table.  The envelope was one of those large “manilla” type with the tab done up but not sealed…I opened it.  Holy crap I yelled as it contained $11,275 in cash!!  I was feaking out.  There were some papers in there too, to which I realized where this probably came from.  There is a local “slum lord” who is well known through-out the city as having a lot of properties but does not take good care of them.  He has had complaints files against him on several occassions, yet the city really never does anything to him.

I am thinking of keeping the money!  The reason, I feel like this guy deserves to take it in the ass for a change as he does rent to a friend of mine…this is also how I know about this guy.  Is this a bad decision?  I could really do a lot with this money for my family.  Advice?

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