Humanity’s Fate.

As 2012 approaches, and people are getting hyped up for the end of the world, I have a single resolution. We need to band together! We place our fate in faith, though faith and prayer may get us out of scary situations, but when the entire fat of our kind is on the line, prayer and worship may only be a band-aid. We need to bond together, stop pushing away those who we deem, barbaric and hostile.

Mankind as a species is on a very thin line, and the thread is splitting very quickly. The all mighty dollar is worth more than what got us here at the top of the food chain. We succeeded in the beginning whether you believe in Creation/ or evolution, both say that Humanity banded together and helped out each other in order move above and beyond the role of a simple existence.

We are more interested in forcing our problems and issues onto others who don’t share the same ideals, we exterminate species on the peer fact that they were in our way, we slay one and another for nothing more than greed, or simple differences in faith. This needs to stop! We must move on, history has shown when a civilization refuses to adapt (and species) they fall or go extinct. The Spartans a powerful force in Greece for hundred and thousands of years, but they fell because the Romans brought in more troops and Sparta stuck with its traditions.

Rome fell because they pushed on their ideals onto the world, and forcefully converted tribes and people to their beliefs, and refused to sign a treaty with their insurgent enemies and fell to the Goths and to the Vandals.

France fell because the royalty thought themselves higher than the serfs in the field and the poor and starving fought back and executed the King and Queen and numerous nobles and royalty, for their closed minded antics that they deserved more because, they had more. While those with nothing were fine, with the safety net they established.

Spain fell to its own greed and expansion imperialism. They held a powerful grasp on the world for years but they stretched themselves too thin and angered much of the world.

England fell to a band of peasants and farmers, because they always wanted more from the colonies and taxed them over and over, than a revolution sparked and America was born.

America held its great glory with a free and just society that sought out equality among the world, but it is being plagued by its own hippocratic oath. We as Americans condemn Atheists, Muslims, Jews, Hindu’s, and etc. because we were happy with what we originally had, but we are falling because we are refusing to change our traditions, (Sparta.)

We have created a mighty wedge in our society and politics are doing nothing more than building the wedge and hammering it in deeper, our government and media acts like babies who throw a fit who don’t get their ways, even though many more of Americans and fellow senators and congressmen disagree with their concepts.

So what are we to do, we poach for profit, we industrialize once open fields and hunting and fishing fields and ponds were profit gain. We put to death thousands of cats and dogs in shelters for no crime, except that they were born and placed in these shelters by us in the first place. We refuse to find alternative sources of fuel that won’t raise the temp. because we are satisfied with what we have and are refusing to adapt once again to our energy issues.

We are in a grim grim place America and the world. We are too busy pointing our fingers at others and condemning them for sins but refuse to look upon ourselves and see our own sinful ways. We disapprove the middle east for not giving women equal rights in votes, but yet it is ok for us to raise the prices on their health insurance ¬†because they “can” get pregnant. We preach to save the starving children in Africa, India, and Central America, but we demonize contraceptives that can help with our teen pregnancy and our own over population. We are too buys poking our heads in politics of other nations for their refusal to help their people, while we have an 8% unemployment rating, and inflation is killing our lower classes. We put money to protect the rain forests from people industrializing or farming these lands, but build giant oil rigs in National protective lands, that have little or no human influence. We let celebrities who offer nothing to America or the world, get off crimes because of nothing more than their names. America is put down by our “Imperialistic” attitude to the world, but cries our for America to give assistance to these nations who a month ago said we were nothing more than devils.

Humanity is falling, it won’t be the wrath of God, or Gods, it won’t be Capitalism, It wont’ be terrorists, It won’t be Islam, It won’t be Communism, It won’t be Atheists, It won’t be the Christian or Catholic Church, It won’t be an asteroid (though it is possible, but I fear this won’t be our fall) It won’t be a natural disaster…It will be us and our unwillingness to help out fellow human beings in need.

If you see a small business struggling to gain support, do you poke your head in and maybe make a sympathy purchase and recommend to your friends, or do you just go to Walmart? If you see a struggling artist, do you at least look at his paintings? before you continue on your way. The failure of the Human Race is our own inability to help out one and another.

By what I am saying here, is “like”, “Share,” “Re-tweet”, shake a hand, start a conservation, ask if somebody needs help. The social media is not our real lives, it is a form of reaching out to spread your voice, you may do with with sharing your everyday life, you may do it sharing your business, you may do it asking for help on a Facebook game, but how many of you are willing to actually read this post and click like, or any other blog done by my fellow writers on this site, is the concept of the “Like” button or “Retweet” or “Share” considered to be a purchase? a single comment that you post you may never ever see or hear from again, but someone you reach out to may see the one thing they were looking for, but we are not willing to assist others. This is an example that coropations, and the gov. is guilty in not helping one and another…we are all guilty. If you posted a link to help a march for a cure for cancer, would you like it or share it? probably not unless that particular form of cancer has effected you, but if you see an baby kitten doing cute acts, by the Gods you will have 9,000 likes and 6,000 shares. ¬†We are all guilty people, and I am included.

We must make a stand! And gather our minds, then move forward. No more shall we think only about ourselves (as individuals), and no longer may we help others but refuse to our own (Nations). No longer may we scar the planet for financial gain, (Industiral Corporations) or personal beliefs (Fears of wildlife such as wolves). No longer shall you see a homeless man and ignore him as if he were a dog poop on the side walk without knowing his story. No more shall banks kick families from homes, because the bank made a bad business deal and to save their own skins they foreclose on a home, on a family that was innocent in all actions. No longer shall companies think only of how can they increase revenue at the sacrifice of their employees. No longer may we demonize people for nothing but a difference in beliefs or lifestyles (Gays, pagans,etc…).

As a plead for our own salvation from each other, help one and another out, and open your eyes to a bigger and more beautiful world that has expanded beyond our own checking account.

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