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My name is Angela!  This is my first blog as a contributing blogger with Just For Military.  I am so excited about this new journey, that we will all be taking together.  So, I thought that I would start by letting you know a touch about me and mine, to get my blogging started!

My journey with the military started, when I began dating my husband 19 years ago, in Ohio near Wright Patterson AFB.  We dated for a year, was engaged for a year while he was in Korea, made a home at Grand Forks AFB in North Dakota for 7 1/2 years, moved onto Eielson AFB in Alaska (where our son was born) for 6 years, and then here… to the drastic heat that the desert brings at Nellis AFB in Nevada where we have now been for 4 years.  And this is where both of our daughters were born.  Over my husbands 20 years, we have endured 14 deployments plus the one year in Korea, and I won’t begin to attempt to count the TDY times.

We have 3 very young children, ages 6 (boy almost 7), 3 (girl) and 1 (girl almost 2).  Being in a state that does not have the highest education plan, we have made some choices, that you may find interesting.  And…NO, I do not home school.

Life starts and takes on many different forms.  We go through our ups and our downs and hopefully no matter what comes our way, we choose to grow and become better because of each experience.  I’m not afraid to share ANY of my life, so if something comes up and you want to know… ASK!  I love great deals, so you may hear about some of them.  With my husband now being just over 20 years in service, you may read about us and our decisions that we are facing, and of course if you have ideas that we need to consider, BLURT it out in a note.  I am happy to do some research and let everyone else know what we are crossing!

So while I am just starting this blog NEW, with Just For Military.  I had started my personal blog about a year ago, so I am hoping that between the 2 I can bring something to the table here, while taking everything in, that this site will offer me and my family!

Happy reading everyone!  Lets get the blogging started!

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About Angela

I had a message one day from John on my personal blog, asking me to contact him. When I did I was asked if I would like to consider writing on "Just For Military Blog" as a contributing blogger. I was so excited at this oppurtunity. My blog is... Not Issued Just a Military Mom... I have talked about our military family life and how we have adjusted to our everyday life. I hope that writing here on Just For Military will bring a whole new experience to me and our readers. Thank you for inviting me!

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