Forgotten Heroes-Tides of War

I figured I could go ahead and let you all know about my book. I started this project over two years ago after the VA declared me unable to work. In an attempt to still feed my family I turned to a long loved passion of writing, since I was a young boy in elementary school I had the ability to surprise my teachers with a talent, that just needed to be nurtured. Teaching myself the main points of writing over the years and following great authors’ examples I began to write.

I wanted to do a fantastic tale that was fiction like World of Warcraft or Forgotten Realms, but it just wasn’t flowing correctly the way I intended. After some deliberation I began watching an old show on History channel called “Barbarians, the Goths.” It was then it occured to me, I could still use my love of history, and fantasy.  Much like how the directors filmed “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” was how I set out. Take history and fined some clues that could make this story seem factual, but still appeal to everyone’s sense of imagination and adventure.

I began writing it with the intentions of basing the characters off of a few friends and family and the way they play RPG “Role Playing Games” All I needed was a spark, and once I began it didn’t stop.

This is the tale of the heroic companionship of a mercenary named Luchief, who has been trained from the last of a lineage that follow the true warrior’s path, after his childhood goes up in flames. On a quest for gold, women, and immortality of his name, he works for towns as a sword for hire. Being tall dark and handsome, with a witty mind, he becomes the celebrity of the the uncivilized native folk.

After being sent on a quest to do the impossible and raise an army to defeat Rome he sets off to find any allies that would side with him, while at his destination, Luchief’s quest has long since been in deliberation with a governor who is of the old ways and his faithful general. Lord Taxius and General Botchius ask aid from the Saxons and the Goths. As they plead for aid, Rome hears word of this treachery and assembles its forces to deal with the renegade governor Taxius.

An epic tale of heroism, sacrifice, and a friendly band of brothers who will travel to Hell and back in an ultimate goal of immortalization   and their names to be sung throughout history. But when the Empire controls all forms of literature and great authors, it is easy to remove the heroes, and to turn a righteous cause into an act of barbaric quest for glory and gold.

If you are interested in the book, I will be more than happy to explain more but here is a few sites you can read up on. Thank you for your consideration, and please copy and share one or all of the links, so that I can spread my message. Thank you Sgt. Johnson, Semper Fi.  Click like on this Facebook Page, and share with your friends and family, who are interested in reading a 550 page book full of action, adventure, and a real look into what war is like for those who experience it.   This is my official website,  This is a free read for anyone who would rather get a taste before investing.

Prices, depend on where you go and what type of book you want. the softcover books can range from $18 to $30 it depends on what site you go to, I will post the sites that are the better deals, and Amazon books, since it has a more respectable page.

Ebook is the best deal you can find, they usually will range from $3 to $5, again depending on what site you use.   This is my publishing website, so the best deals are here, and it is a safe site, but if you prefer a more mainstream site…    Amazon, a little more pricey, but respectable sales site.

On the Free review you can also purchase the book as an e-book. Please if you prefer a site, message me or email me through one of the sites above, and I will help you find whatever you are looking for.

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Served in the marines from Oct. 03-Oct 07, got out as a sergeant after being a corporal for over two years. I was deployed to Iraq twice, Fallujah 04-05 and Dulab 06. I am currently married to my wife Jamie, and I have a daughter named Adian. I am a new author who wrote Forgotten Heroes-Tides of War, and am working on Forgotten Heroes-Ashes to Ashes. Friendly going and outgoing. Feel free to message me on or email me at about anything, just no spam.

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