Forgotten Heroes reviews and sale sites.

Barnes and Nobles, for softcover and e-book  $3.50  $29.00 softcover

Amazon books.  $28.00 softcover.

Authorhouse, my publishing website. Softcover. $18.00 and e-book $4.00

I am looking for reviews, likes, and shares for my book Forgotten Heroes-Tides of War. I have worked very hard and dedicated two years of my life into it, and another 8 months in trying to get the book to get on its feet.

It means a lot to me when I see somebody comment on a review and let me know what they thought. So far it is given 5 stars on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Authorhouse, and many other sites. I have been given plenty of great reviews saying:

 Tony R. Wise  5 Stars  (Amazon)


Once you start reading a book like this your mind will drift into the book and start to visually bring the words to life. Yes realities of war are evident. Writing is strong and does not drag it was Always interesting.


By B. Jones  5 Stars  (Amazon)


Gripping, deep, and full of visual content, this book will leave you craving more. The writing is strong and solid throughout and the storyline is wonderful for anyone who likes Tolkien-style writing. The story is violent and the realities of war are evident, but it’s not often that you find a book that not only is really interesting, but that can hold your attention throughout.


Anonymous 5 stars (Barnes and Noble)

United States Marine veteran who truly understands true war.


So if anyone is interested in reading the book, take advantage of a very generous price on e-book and help spread the word. Plus by liking my Facebook page for the book at  and I will add you to the Forgotten Legion at  I hope I meet you on the battlefield.

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