Finding a Babysitter

I am a 1st time mom and  a little protective of my little man. The husband and I have not had a date since November and we really just want to go to dinner and a movie. I have not had a babysitter yet for my little man. This process has been hard because since I have had my baby boy, we have moved from NJ, to DC with my in-laws and now to North Dakota.
I was trying to figure out why it was easier for all my friends to find someone to watch their kids. Well I thought about it, and realized that all my friends have all lived in the same area and around long time friends and family their whole lives, so the kids go with people they know.

I have been in the process of trying to find a baby sitter (stranger) and it freaks me out. I have found babysitting service posts on a facebook page where people who babysit and the FCC providers let their availability be known. At 1st I was amazed that people would just write on this public wall and mention that they need a babysitter tonight and ask who’s available. I thought to myself I could never just let anyone into my home. So….. to find a baby sitter I posted on the site, but asked for a kind of interview 1st. This is my way of getting to know someone. I had 2 responses for what I was looking for in a sitter. Last night I had the potential baby sitter over for dinner and her husband. I learned a lot about them and was able to see her interact with my baby boy. It was nice to see him and her together. I really liked both of them. I am now trying to get a date where it will only be a couple of hours so they can get use to each other. I freak out thinking that he will cry the whole time …that they will both be miserable…..that he can’t possible deal without me…lol ok I know a little dramatic….so I know the fears are mine, but they are real. I’m pretty sure he will survive, but I go crazy thinking about it. Ok I’m am planning it so I can stop all my madness…sometimes I just think it would be easier if I were at home with people I knew.

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