End of 1st grade

That’s it!  We made it out of the First Grade.  Wasn’t so sure awhile back how it was going to happen, but here we are!

As I announced a few months ago, Jaden had it pretty rough.  The expectations were set very high.  Even though he did not get an A all the way through, we are very proud of our little man for working so hard.  He has spent several hours each and every night after school getting all of his homework done, and trying so hard to get caught up with the rest of his class.  And… he did it.  Thank you everyone that helped to support him!

Tomorrow is his actual last day of school, and a friend of ours is going to be able to come watch the girls so that Sean and I can go to his class for a little bit.  I was informed today that they are doing a play and he is going to be in it!  He is so excited!

They did awards for the First graders on Tuesday, and Jaden came home a little upset.  He was upset that he did not get an award.  I tried to explain that I would do something special for him.  The award he has been striving for was perfect attendance.  I am happy to say that Jaden did not miss ANY school at all this year on his own terms.  I took him out for 3 1/2 days to go to Ohio for my grandfathers funeral.  These are the only days that he missed!  He seemed to keep his flu and colds only for the wkends and Christmas break.  I was so proud that he never tried anything to stay home, he worked really hard to NOT miss school.  It stinks that they still hold that against the students, it’s not like he was out sick or for doctors appointments, or even for a vacation.  We went from his school straight to the airport, flew over night drove on friday had the viewings on Sunday and the funeral on Monday, and left Tuesday afternoon, and he was back to school on Wednesday morning.  He was tired but he was there!

Award or not, I am so proud of all his efforts.  It’s hard on a kid in the military.  When family emergencies come up, we have to travel.  It’s not like you can not miss school cause the situation is just down the road.  I feel responsible for him not being given the award, but I would not change the sacrifice for our freedom!  Or for the ability to support my family and say our goodbyes.

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