Do security systems really work?

Do security systems really work?  Would this just be another drastic leap?  Or am I just looking for 1 more thing that will drive me crazy in my routine?

One day last wk, while getting ready to bundle up in the car to go to school, I noticed that my car door handle was pulled back a bit and that there was some paint missing.  I ended up just thinking that it would be something covered by the warranty, so I did not give it much thought.  Then a couple of days later I noticed I had a small oil leak.  Crap… something else!  So, I am making mental notes of this!  Then we were sitting in my car waiting for the commissary to open, and my husband notices a crack on the passenger side dash board.  “you have got to be kidding me?”  That was my thoughts, and then I looked up on the drivers side, and low and behold there was another crack, in pretty much the same positioning.

The commissary posted a notice that they were now closed for reset.  No clue what that meant at the time, but found out the next day it only meant that they were doing a remodel (who cares, I needed groceries).  I then left and headed to straight for the dealership!  I got there and was talking to the lady who always helps me!  And she looks at the dash “covered under warranty”  she tells me they will pull it in and look at the oil leak!  Then she looks at my door handle “not covered, because someone has pryed this back, trying to break in”  my comment was “SERIOUSLY, I haven’t gone anywhere but straight to the school and back to the house.  It had to have been at my house.”  So she preceded to show me how it was done and to show me a fine little dent in my car from the screw driver that was used!  And that people have learned to bypass the alarm systems, it just takes time and patience.

Today was an entirely different story.  I got a call from one of the neighbors this afternoon, telling me that another neighbor directly behind my house, their house was broken into.  The police had responded to their alarm system going off.  Which made me remember around 9 AM, my girls and I thought that we heard our door bell ring, but by the time I got to the door, there was no one in sight.  I even walked outside, because I was sure that I had heard something.  In fact, the dogs in the back yard had even started barking.  And when I asked the neighbor around what time this all had been, she told me that it was just after 9.  MAKES YOU THINK!

So after these 2 instances, I am thinking that it may just be time to put some extra money to an alarm system!  I think that one of the video camera ones?  I like the idea of the companies that let you use your phone to check in.  Do you have any experience with alarm or security companies?  Any suggestions on what to look for?  Of course I would LOVE to get a military discount, but at this point I’m thinking the security in knowing that my kids are safe and sound in my house with a security system is a bit more important!

Let me know what you think!  And maybe if you have had good luck with your company, where I might look!  Even if you haven’t had to actually use your company, that could be a good thing in itself!  Tell me… Do security systems really work?

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