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Did you go to your Commissary Case Lot Sale?  I almost forgot!  I remembered on Sunday.

For some of you, your Post or Base has already had their Case Lot Sale.  Nellis had theirs this past wkend.  However I just took a peak to see that some of you still have them coming up over the next couple of wkends, all the way in to June!  So you may still have time!  Do you know where to go look? is really the place I like to go look!   You look up according to your location, and it will even list specials, and events.  As for the Case Lot itself, some of the Commissaries even list the items that they are going to have!  Nellis does not usually list, but Fort Campbell does!  My mother in law is there, so I always look to see if she has anything great!  If you have questions on how to manuever through the site, just ask, and if you can’t leave a comment, just go over to the Facebook site that Just For Military has, and one of us should get you the answer!

We always buy cereal there, we stock up!  The kids love cereal, and with the price everywhere now days, it is expensive.  I think that the boxes this year broke down to about $1.16 per box.  I think that is a great deal.  Drinks such as Gator Aid and juice boxes are another great purchase at the Case Lot Sales!  And don’t forget to take your coupons with you!  Did you know that you can use them?  You sure can, however keep an eye on what you have, because they MAY or MAY NOT be better than some of the coupons that are laid out in front of the cases there.  They don’t always have coupons laid out, so this is a really good time to take your coupons with you!

If you happened to miss your local Case Lot Sale, look to see when your next one is.  They usually start again in September.  We usually try to hit both of them, and of course have the pantry all cleaned out before we go!  I’m not usually a big Commissary shopper because I can usually get a LOT of my things a lot cheaper on the outside, however CASE LOT SALES are my must haves!!  Happy shopping and saving everyone!


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