But for the grace of God…

I haven’t written in a while.  There has just been a lot going on.  Life I guess.  My husband has had a couple surgeries.  One was major and to repair an old injury from working military dogs and the other was for an emergency appendectomy.  Once I got out of the habit I kept thinking “What do I write about?”, “My life is so boring…”  Then while surfing Facebook (instead of studying for my final that I am scheduled to take in 3 hours) I found a link to a website.  I’ve heard of this foundation before and even read stories about the woman who founded it.  It’s called the American Widow Project.  It was started by the widow of a military member who was killed by an IED and she found that there weren’t many places for young military widows to go for support.  She founded this amazing non-profit and has been able to help so many women. 

If you haven’t seen this website, please go look.  When I read these stories my heart aches.  Aches for these women, aches knowing that my husband will most likely be back there eventually, aches knowing that I am so grateful that I am NOT one of these women but could be one day.  Their stories are heartbreaking and inspiring.  They take you places that you don’t want to go but that we need to know about because these women need everyone’s support.  They have paid the highest price a military members family can pay and are too often forgotten about. 


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