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As I reach the 6 month marker for my book,  I would’ve wished it would’ve gone farther than it has at the moment, but it is still gaining momentum and as of late it and my other site, (which was established to help anyone who has a small business, artwork, crafts, books, projects, marches for a cure, awareness meetings, and etc. for them to have a free and safe place to help promote them, only rule is like and check out other’s posts).

It is a exciting to gain a little bit more momentum as each day passes, but the challenge is to keep people talking about it, reposting, sharing, and other general methods of spreading the word. I have worked very hard on the book for two years, and I have spent nearly a year promoting it. As a word of advice to any new authors out there in the world, becoming an author is very hard work. It takes a lot of time and patience. You put your blood, sweat, and tears, into your work and than you put something very personal out there for the world to criticize. Once you finally are able to find a publisher, than you have to fight and claw through the crowded literary world to find somebody who reads anymore.

Now your work may be great and people may enjoy it, but without the support of your friends and family to spread the word for you it will always flop. Anyone who created a page over anything that solely based on posting funny pictures can know how frustrating it is for people to just take 10 seconds of their time and go check out a site and click like and share.

We must all help eachother out if we are to climb out of this depression. And what I mean by that is this, we must all help eachother out, if it means spending 20 bucks on a book instead of your farmville account, or 4 bucks for a e-book that will help another human being out directly, is it worth it. My mother site here, Just for Military, is a great site for veterans to find any discounts at themeparks, restaurants, and etc. but when nobody shows this information it dies. In my book the mage Honracondis says, “Bottled information, helps nobody.”

So everyone help out a cause, a person, a charity, a author, a artist, and etc. And together we can all live happily ever after.

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Served in the marines from Oct. 03-Oct 07, got out as a sergeant after being a corporal for over two years. I was deployed to Iraq twice, Fallujah 04-05 and Dulab 06. I am currently married to my wife Jamie, and I have a daughter named Adian. I am a new author who wrote Forgotten Heroes-Tides of War, and am working on Forgotten Heroes-Ashes to Ashes. Friendly going and outgoing. Feel free to message me on or email me at about anything, just no spam.

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