Big bite!

I love summer, ok…. I love that my son has time off of school for the summer!  I love to go and be around family and friends.  We had such a good time!  However, I always find that I make way to big of a bite!  I bit off way more than I can chew!

This is NOT a complaining post!!  Let me just throw that one out there!  This summer lots needed to be done in Ohio.  My mom retired in December, my grandfather passed away in January, and then my dad retired in April.  So everyone’s houses are completely out of order.  Mine too… as you will read!

For my dad’s retirement we decided now that he is out of debt except for what seems to be normal house payment and car payment!  We talked about replacing and updating the house a bit.  We did just that.  We ordered some laminate flooring, the house had carpeting in it that was not laid correctly and simply just looked horrible.  Upon having the flooring done, we chose to replace ALL of the trim.  The house looks fantastic!  We even painted everything thing.  It went from white to a grayish blue color!  And I would say the house looks refreshing!  I have to say that I absolutely LOVE what Lowe’s has to offer as for products and associates!

Mom’s house on the other hand was just a lot of work, I don’t think that is going to be changing for awhile.  However she did work on her bedroom, and it looks like you can actually enjoy your rest while you are in there.

It’s that time of year to go school shopping!  I was able to get a lot checked off the list while in Ohio, even the uniforms pants! (I love outlet malls in Ohio) However the supply list is still large on the side of things to still purchase!

My mom was nice enough to make the drive back to Vegas with me!  We left last Thursday from Ohio, and drove to Tulsa, Oklahoma!  Yes, that was a LONG drive.  We finally made it here to Las Vegas on Saturday.  The kids were so excited to see my husband, that could hardly wait to get home!  Of course the car was completely packed down and I really didn’t know where much of anything was!  So we have been making due!

Yesterday, I thought that I should not only unpack a few more bags, but that I should do what I normally do!  GET BACK INTO ROUTINE!  Top of the list…Find the bill book and pay bills!  You see, I have been using the same billing system since we were married in 1994.  I use a green book!  Guess who can’t find the green book?  Yep, that would be me!  I have looked all over for it.  I even asked my husband if he knew where it was.  I can’t find it!

So not only do I need to find my bill book, but if you remember I wrote about a job opportunity!  I obligated myself!  I am studying… not nearly as hard as I should be, but I will kick into gear!  I am home and have NO excuses but to study! (ANYONE WANT TO STUDY FOR ME? thought I would ask!)  Jaden will be starting back to TaeKwonDo next wk.  We still need to get our dental appointments in!  And…. haircuts!

Did you know that JCPenney does back to school haircuts for kids for the month of August for free? It’s only for K-6th graders, but how nice is that?!!  Yes, I am going to take advantage of that one!  Made that appointment for this wkend!  Call your local store and make your kids appointments.

Also Operation Home Front is having their local drive this wkend!  Did you register?  Did you look to see what if anything is going on in your community?  Do you have all your school supplies in order? 

So this summer I took a LARGE bite, and I’ve done a LOT of chewing!!  There is still a LOT to be done!  Did you get everything on your summer fun list completed?  Did you have fun?  Let us know what you dug into this year~




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