Ambassadors killing in Libya.

I have to laugh at some Americans and their response to the incidents that had sprung up in Libya about our ambassadors being murdered. They cry to start another war to which they won’t pay any attention. We just got done fighting one 10 year long war and we are still fighting an ongoing 12 year long war. My thoughts go to those who lost their lives. However we have a country with an amazing debt from our two decade long wars, we owe 16 trillion dollars to a country that we claim is evil because they are communists. Don’t worry America, within a week will you ¬†even remember where Libya is? Do you even remember supporting the very same people about a year ago who now just attacked our embassy, because they were against Omar Gadhafi? The Marines can and will handle the situation, to bring in more troops will only flock in more extremists from Iraq, Egypt, and other countries and we will need more troops and we will be back in the same situation we just got out of in Iraq.

Don’t repeat history.

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