4th of July drunken debauchery

If you want a few good laughs on my behalf from yesterday’s festivities here you go. Well yesterday at my house we had a simple BBQ with burgers, hot dogs, and bratwurst. It started while the grill was going and my cousin Jason was on BBQ duty while I chased after the child and attended to my grandparents in laws, but he was tending to the bratwursts and a large spill of grease fell in the fire and shot a flame up 1ft. high and burned all his hairs on his arm. I laughed at the situation, but not knowing of the bad Karma that was building up.

Later in the evening…and many beers later, we were doing something very stupid and holding onto a firecracker whip and twirl it around your body and head as it popped all around you. My cousin was the first to go and he dropped it as it finished. I however held on one second to long and the whip had folded over my middle finger and I received 2nd degree burns as the phosphorus burned onto my flesh. The result is a nasty white blister, where it had fried all the skin. My first reaction was to pour beer on it to get the charred skin, paper, and the last burning ambers off.

With a bandaid and some burn gel, I healed it enough to keep on going. After the night had drawn on and the fireworks had stopped, Brett, Jason, Jamie, and I thought it would be a great idea to pass around the football, which than turned from a leisurly game, to trying to intercept the passes. We began to practice long snaps after a while, and I anticipated the count, and was able to pick off the snap and jumped into the grass for the TD and of course it was wet and I slipped with both feet in the air.

A few laughs later, I decided to try the whip of redemption (retry twirling the firecracker whip). This time I was successful and going on past midnight we all went in for a game of risk factions.

So I explained my embarrassing moments on the holiday weekend, what was your like?

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