2012? What?

It’s 2012. Holy cow, it’s really 2012!! The years seem to be rushing by the older I get. So, how was your New Year’s? Did you spend it with friends and/or family? Did you party the night away or quietly watch the ball drop from the comfort of your living room? We brought the new year in in style last weekend! We rocked an 80’s theme, tossed on some totally rad legwarmers and jammed out to Cindy Lauper, Pat Benatar and Bon Jovi. I woke up the next morning with the song ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ still running through my head. YIKES!
Along with the new year come new resolutions. Mine are the same as most, I believe. I want to lose 40 pounds. I want my business to grow and I want to become more financially stable this year. Sound familiar? Of course, these are some of the most common resolutions. They seem so straight-forward, yet so many times we fall off the wagon when it comes to maintaining our goals.
What do you do to stay on the resolution wagon? Do you have any tips or tricks to keep people motivated to follow-through with their goals?

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